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There is an effort being pushed forward to dissolve the

Village of Cuba, New York

 New - Village of Williamsville Citizens Study Group

Keep the Cuba Village Rally is on  August 29th

  • You pay far less for Village government than for County, State, or Federal Governments. Don’t take out your frustration with big government on our small efficient government.
  • Our Village provides our parks and park maintenance. 100s of people use Chamberlain Park on nights and weekends. What will happen to Fireman's Park and others if controlled by the Town?
  • Many of our children attend our summer recreation programs which are funded primarily by the Village. It takes a Village…
  • Without the Village we could lose our Planning and Zoning Boards.  Take a look at some of the properties just outside the Village lines. Do you want our Village unregulated?
  • Our Historic Districts and home values would not be protected without active zoning.
  • Water and sewer maintenance were minimally addressed for many years to keep rates low. It takes money to fix problems that have been cited by the DEC. Two of our village crew members have been trained in water and sewer system operation.
  • Street upkeep and plowing are well managed by our Village crew.
  • Garbage, recycling, and refuse removal cost property owners an average of only $120.57 yearly through their Village taxes. Ask anyone outside of the Village what they pay for this service.
  • Crossing guards for our children are paid for by Village taxes.
  • If the Village is dissolved, residents will pay their former Village and Town taxes all in January.

This site presents information in opposition to the dissolution of the Village of Cuba, New York. Dissolving the Village of Cuba would not guarantee villagers lower tax rates or maintain the current quality of services. In fact, one of its few certain outcomes is that, by law, the Village of Cuba’s taxpayers would remain responsible for the village’s existing debts plus the obligations of each of the special districts formed in place of the village to fund the services and infrastructure, like refuse, zoning and  sewer, that the village presently provides. The dissolution process is expensive, its effects are unpredictable, and the dissolution plan does not bind the Town Board in anyway.



Join us to improve your Village.  Don't dissolve it.

Dissolving the Village of Cuba can not appreciably reduce taxes without drastically reducing services.

Village administrative costs are very low. Our fellow citizens serve because they want to support our Village.


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